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Shanghai is getting back on track
Having brought its recent wave of COVID-19 under control, Shanghai has announced a slew of policies to quickly hasten production and daily life back to normal.
?Alliance politics will destroy regional stability and prosperity
The U.S. has made it clear that it seeks to deepen its strategic hold on countries in the Indo-Pacific and politically dominate the broader region in an attempt to suppress the rise of China.
A special year for China and Greece
This year, China and Greece celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, a period that has included several historic trade and cultural collaborations.
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China-Brazil relationship: Steady does it

By Lan Xinzhen

China and Brazil have maintained a relatively steady relationship since establishing diplomatic ties in 1974. Almost five decades of frequent high-level exchanges and broadened cooperation prove the two countries can overcome any ideological or political differences to reach equally helpful results.

A new stage for vocational education

By Xie Bo

China's newly revised Vocational Education Law took effect on May 1 in the hope of promoting high-quality development of the country's vocational education sector.

Common good calls for closer China-Philippines ties

?Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s victory in the Philippine presidential election is expected to ensure the continuity of an independent Philippine foreign policy conducive to Philippines-China friendship and cooperation.

Chinese studies in the UK require more support

By Kerry Brown

If we want a better future, the best place to start will be the better understanding of our own past.

Hong Kong makes new strides in democracy

China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has made new strides in developing democracy suited to its own realities.

Call of duty: Misfire?

By Liang Xiao

Against the current social backdrop of increasingly polarized American politics and intensified racial conflict, gun ownership has done far more harm than good.


?Sino-German ties keystone of stability and prosperity

By Tom Fowdy

As the largest economy in their respective region, Germany and China both face unprecedented pressure and must harness the stabilizing, constructive, and steering role of their relationship to overcome the complex changes in the international landscape.

US formula shortage illustrates monopolization crisis

By Mitchell Blatt

Inflation rates in the U.S. have been growing at almost 10% on a year-by-year basis, largely because its economy is dominated by monopolies that are taking advantage of the current economic situation to pad already massive profit margins.

Conservatives brace for tough times following 'Partygate'

By Robert Griffiths

Boris Johnson's personal popularity has plummeted since news of several parties during lockdown came to light. While that sentiment is finally taking its toll of Conservative seats, can opposition parties capitalize on the opportunity?

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From "virtual energy plucking" to national parks

What's your morning routine? Brush your teeth, take a shower and get dressed? In China, many people add an extra first step: Reach for the cellphone and pluck virtual "green energy".

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